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Sheepskin 5 Star Large White Quarto

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Our rugs are created from sheepskins that have been carefully chosen for shade and texture match, then combined to create soft luxurious rugs.
The Ivory Quarto is a great size for family areas, on tiled or wooden floors.   
Adds texture, warmth and style to your room, soft to walk on.

As this is a natural product, dimensions (91cm x 160cm) are approximate and should be regarded as a minimum.

Made with New Zealand or Australian Sheepskin

Easy to care for -
Sheepskin is incredibly easy to care for, it has an inherent ability to repel dirt and liquid.
A regular vacuum using the stand nozzle (only) or shaking the rug is generally all that is required to keep your sheepskin clean.
Spot Cleaning:
For small soiled areas, moisten a soft cloth with luke warm water.
Clean affected area using gentle circular motions, DO NOT rub.
If cleaning agent is required, use mild wool detergent, non alkaline, enzyme and bleach free e.g. Ecostore Wool Wash
Remove excess moisture with dry cloth,
Allow to dry then gently brush with a Carding Brush.

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